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To resolve various frustrating skin issues and enhance skin quality, aim to restore the skin's moisture and smoothness, achieve even and radiant fairness, and create the ultimate plump and youthful complexion. This involves treatments and care that deeply hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin, targeting imperfections like dryness, uneven tone, and signs of aging to reveal healthier, more vibrant skin.

M22 resurFX™ Fractional Fractional Laser Restructuring Care

M22 resurFX™ Renewal Treatment

Enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, uneven skin texture, and excessive oil secretion are common issues that many people face.

Enlarged pores can make the skin appear rough, and excessive oil production can lead to the persistent growth of blackheads and acne. Over-squeezing these blemishes can damage the dermal layer and create uneven skin texture.

The M22 resurFX™ Renewal Treatment uses a 1565nm fractional non-ablative laser with unique Coolscan scanning technology. This approach delivers laser energy deep into the skin tissue without causing a burning sensation. The system has preset parameters for different skin types, optimizing treatment effects based on skin color and condition. Without damaging the epidermis, it stimulates collagen production and balances oil secretion. This effectively improves skin quality and firmness, repairs skin imperfections and uneven texture, minimizes pores, and lightens scars, fine lines, and stretch marks.

M22™ OPT ultra-photon full-effect skin rejuvenation care

M22™ OPT IPL Rejuvenation Treatment

Skin usually exhibits more than just a single imperfection. If you're looking to address various skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, redness, fine blood vessels, rosacea, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, dehydration, follicular keratosis, melanin deposition, and acne scars, but lack the time for individual treatments, the M22™ OPT IPL Rejuvenation Treatment offers a solution.

This treatment utilizes advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology with multiple filters, allowing for the segmentation of skin imperfections. It then selects different wavelengths for each mode to provide customized care in a single session, targeting the specific needs of the skin. Besides improving imperfections, it also activates fibroblasts to produce more collagen, enhancing skin elasticity and texture.

The Lumenis M22™ employs patented OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) to deliver stable energy output in segments, significantly improving the stability of the pulsed light's filtration output. This makes the treatment more gentle, comfortable, and safe.

M22™ OPT IPL Rejuvenation Treatment Ultra-photon technology is equipped with a variety of filters. It can classify skin defects according to each person's skin condition, and then select different modes of wavelengths to apply on the skin. A one-time customized care in different modes can not only improve blemishes, but also activate fibroblasts to proliferate collagen, enhance skin elasticity, and improve skin texture.

Lumenis M22™ uses patented OPT technology (Optimal Pulse Technology) to provide stable energy and segmented output, which greatly improves the stability of the filter output of pulsed light, making treatment more gentle, comfortable and safe.

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MesoPen Microneedle Oxygen Infusion Care

MesoPen Micro-needle Nourishment Treatment

If the skin is becoming increasingly rough, with enlarged pores, excessive oiliness, and uneven texture, it is likely due to a lack of suitable nutrients, leading to an imbalance in skin condition.

FIDES's MesoPen Micro-needle Nourishment Treatment employs a personalized approach to address various skin conditions, using certified and suitable nutrients for the treatment. This method effectively tackles issues like enlarged pores, acne, blackheads, roughness, uneven texture, and dry fine lines, allowing active ingredients to rapidly penetrate the skin's deeper layers for optimal efficacy.

The MesoPen Micro-needle Nourishment Treatment uses a fine mechanical needling technique to create micro-punctures in the epidermis, which naturally triggers the body's immune system to release macrophages and white blood cells that promote natural skin healing and repair. Through these micro-punctures, nutrients are infused into the deeper layers of the skin. This not only achieves the effect of personalized nourishment but also enhances skin hydration and stimulates collagen production.

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Picosecond comprehensive skin rejuvenation care

PICO Laser Rejuvenation Treatment

Everyone desires flawless, smooth skin, but even with the proper skincare regimen, ideal results may not always be achieved. A significant reason is that, with aging or due to external factors, the skin's cell renewal and absorption capacities gradually decline.

The PICO Laser Rejuvenation Treatment employs picosecond laser technology to evenly cover every inch of the skin. Without damaging the surface layer, it reactivates the skin's self-repair mechanism, promoting cell regeneration and stimulating collagen production. This enhances skin elasticity and achieves a rejuvenating effect. Additionally, it effectively maintains and improves skin quality, evens and brightens the complexion, minimizes pores, and restores the skin's radiance.

Picosecond laser all-round skin rejuvenation treatment PICO Laser Rejuvenation Treatment uses picosecond laser to evenly cover every inch of skin, without damaging the surface layer of skin, allowing the skin to restart its self-repair mechanism, promote cell regeneration, stimulate collagen proliferation, and improve skin elasticity. It can achieve skin rejuvenation effect while effectively maintaining and improving skin quality, evenly brightening skin tone, shrinking pores and restoring skin's luster.

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