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Various imperfections can make the skin appear rough and dull. Having smooth, firm, and bright skin can make one feel younger and more confident, enhancing the skin's quality. By restoring moisture and smoothness, achieving even and translucent fairness, one can create the ultimate plump and flawless complexion.

M22 resurFX™ Fractional Laser Concave and Concave Hole Repair Care

M22 resurFX™ Ance Scar Repair Treatment

The treatment of acne scars can utilize glycolic acid, laser therapy, dermal fillers, or even plastic surgery, depending on the type and severity of the scars and the individual's skin condition. This flexible approach allows for the combination of these treatments to achieve the best results.

The M22 resurFX™ fractional laser acne scar repair treatment uses laser technology to mend acne scars, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, thereby gradually smoothing the scarred areas and improving enlarged pores and acne-related texture issues.

The M22 ResurFX™ employs a 1565nm non-ablative fractional laser technique that introduces microbeams of laser energy deep into the skin tissue, creating so-called microthermal zones (MTZ). This process triggers the deep dermal generation and reorganization of collagen and elastic fibers, effectively repairing skin indentations and resolving issues with enlarged pores and uneven texture.

Additionally, the system includes the CoolScan™ cooling scanning system to enhance comfort and protect the tissue from heat damage.

Toner Laser Deep Cleansing Care

Carbon Laser Deep Cleansing Treatment

Skin issues like acne, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and excessive oiliness, caused by various factors, can create a persistent cycle of skin imperfections. If not properly treated, these flaws can become increasingly severe.

The Carbon Laser Deep Cleansing Treatment uses a carbon powder solution as a medium, which penetrates into the pores. It starts with a Spectra 1064 nanosecond laser to heat the carbon powder, improving acne inflammation, regulating sebum secretion, and enhancing pore elasticity. This process also promotes skin metabolism and collagen regeneration. Then, a 1064-QS laser is used to vaporize the carbon powder, removing dirt and dead skin cells from the epidermis and clearing the oil clogged in the pores, thus performing a deep cleansing.

This treatment effectively achieves deep cleansing, removes dead skin cells, cleans and unclogs pores, improves oil secretion, reduces acne formation, and eliminates blackheads and whiteheads. It also promotes blood circulation in the skin and stimulates collagen production.

MesoPen Microneedle Concave Smoothing Care

MesoPen Micro-needle Ance Scar Treatment

Acne scars are commonly caused by ongoing inflammation or excessive squeezing, leading to damage in the dermal layer of the skin and subsequent fibrous tissue overgrowth during the wound healing process, resulting in depressed scars.

Treatments for these scars can include glycolic acid, laser therapy, subdermal fillers, or even dermatological surgery, taking into account the type and severity of the scars and the individual's skin condition to effectively tailor the treatment approach for optimal results.

FIDES's MesoPen Micro-needle Acne Scar Treatment employs certified and appropriate nutrients to address and improve the uneven skin and enlarged pores resulting from acne. This treatment allows active ingredients to rapidly penetrate the base of the skin, achieving maximum effectiveness.

The MesoPen Micro-needle Acne Scar Treatment uses a fine mechanical needling technique to create micro-punctures on the skin surface, stimulating the wound healing ability of the dermis. This enhances the skin's natural healing and repair capabilities, with newly formed and neatly arranged collagen fibers supporting the skin. This process increases the thickness of the epidermal layer, smoothing out the unevenness of the skin.

TCA bump hole repair care

TCA Ance Scar Repair Treatment

Acne scars, often resulting from persistent inflammation or excessive squeezing of acne, damage the dermal tissue of the skin. During the healing process, an overgrowth of fibrous tissue can cause depressed scars, commonly known as pitted scars.

Treating these scars may involve glycolic acid, laser therapy, subdermal fillers, or even dermatological surgery. The treatment plan must be tailored to the type and severity of the scars and the individual's skin condition to achieve the best outcomes.

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) Acne Scar Repair Treatment, also known as Chemical Reconstruction Of Skin Scars (CROSS), is a well-studied and practiced chemical peel technique that penetrates deep into the skin to repair acne scars. By depositing TCA at the base of the scars, it promotes localized skin repair and regeneration, encouraging the formation of new collagen at the site, which can reduce the depth of the depressions. This method is particularly effective for treating ice-pick and boxcar acne scars, with a relatively shorter recovery period. To achieve optimal results for skin texture improvement, combining this treatment with other scar care methods is often recommended.

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