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Skin begins to decline at the age of 25. If you want to retain plump, youthful and beautiful skin, you must rely on regular maintenance to increase the skin's self-repair energy. FIDES's various skin beauty treatments are designed for various skin types that require anti-aging, anti-drying, deep skin purification, maintenance of water and oil balance, skin renewal cycle, etc... Solve various annoying skin problems and reverse skin age.

Slightly acidic peeling care

Chemical Peeling Treatment

Aged cuticles from healthy skin will naturally fall off approximately every 21 to 28 days. However, due to aging, environmental stress, incorrect care or the influence of drugs, the rate of keratin metabolism will also become slower and slower.

When too much aged keratin accumulates on the skin, the skin becomes rough, dull, and has clogged pores. In severe cases, it can also induce and promote acne and pigmentation.

Chemical Peeling Treatment is a common skin improvement method that has many benefits for the skin. The main function is to break down the connections between aging keratinocytes, allowing the aging keratin to peel off naturally, accelerating the renewal of skin epidermal cells, and forming A smooth, shiny new epidermis layer of skin.

The acids of different concentrations and molecules cause a controllable reaction on the skin epidermis. In addition to exfoliating and accelerating skin renewal, it can also stimulate the synthesis of collagen, improve acne, photoaging, wrinkles and treat superficial acne. layer of pigmentation, etc.

HydraFacial Treatment

Excessive oil secretion, imbalance of water and oil, weather, environmental pollution, or wearing a mask for a long time can also lead to the continuous proliferation of blackheads and acne on the skin.

HydraFacial Treatment is also known as AquaPeel, water scrubbing, pore vacuum cleaner... etc. Its main function is to deeply clean pores, soften and remove aging cuticles.

HydraFacial Treatment is a gentle, non-invasive skin care.

First, use a unique spiral water grinding probe and a specific solution to dissolve oil and dirt in the pores, remove aging cuticles, and take away cosmetic residue.

At the same time, it uses vacuum negative pressure to suck away deep-seated blackheads, unblock pores and achieve a deep cleaning effect.

Reduce the chances of epidermal abrasion, bleeding, and virus infection caused by traditional needle cleaning methods.

Mesoskin Treatment

Moisturizing is a basic factor in maintaining healthy skin, but skin is dehydrated under different influences.

Mesoskin Treatment uses the latest ultra-micro-penetration, high-speed vibration frequency, air pressure and electroporation technology to open the skin's stratum corneum barrier and form micro-channels to instantly inject essence and nutrients directly to the bottom layer of the skin through the skin's natural channels. Without being affected by differences in the skin's own absorption capacity, it uses non-invasive deep penetration technology to instantly create water-sensitive skin.

Needle-free hydration care Mesoskin Treatment can double the absorption of active ingredients and essence, allowing the essence to exert its maximum effect. In a safe, zero-invasive, comfortable and painless condition, it can achieve deep hydration, reduce wrinkles, promote skin circulation and regain skin luster.

Plasma Skin Treatment

Improper care, stress, and health conditions will all affect skin metabolism, causing the skin to become rough, dull, and prone to acne problems.

Plasma Skin Treatment uses plasma technology to use extremely fine and high-speed plasma to break down the molecular structure of bacteria, inhibit bacteria that cause inflammation of the skin base, prevent the formation of acne, and purify and rejuvenate the skin.

Quickly sweep on the skin surface to remove aged keratinocytes and pore dirt on the surface of the skin, improve dull skin color and clogged pores, leaving a delicate and smooth texture.

At the same time, stable and high-energy plasma activates cells to instantly strengthen skin elasticity. Medical wall-breaking technology penetrates the cell adhesion molecules connecting skin cells and opens invisible channels in skin cells, thereby allowing nutrients to penetrate directly into cells and greatly improve skin absorption. Enhance cell activity.

Laser Rejuvenation Treatment

Focus Laser Plus depigment PIC 1.png

With age, life stress and bad living habits, the skin begins to show signs of aging, with reduced skin quality, appearance of fine lines, and rough pores.

Double laser skin rejuvenation treatment Laser Rejuvenation Treatment combines the advantages of "picosecond" and "nanosecond". The powerful and reliable double deep skin rejuvenation laser improves skin texture from the base layer.

Picoseconds and nanoseconds respectively refer to the speed at which the laser stays on the skin surface. Different lasers have different effects on the skin. Without damaging normal tissue cells, it stimulates the fibroblast matrix, effectively stimulates collagen regeneration, restores skin elasticity, smoothes fine wrinkles, and refines pores. Using different wavelengths and speeds, it targets deep, shallow, and epidermal skin respectively to fully improve skin quality problems.

PDRN Stem Cell Treatment

PDRN Treatment

When the skin lacks nutrients, its metabolism, repair and repair capabilities will naturally slow down. The skin will become rough, dull, with reduced absorption capacity, uneven skin color, and lifeless skin.

PDRN Stem Cell Treatment PDRN Treatment uses stem cells and multiple active ingredients to penetrate into the skin to restore the skin’s natural functions, promote metabolism, enhance skin regeneration and cell health.

PDRN ingredients are evenly distributed at the bottom of the skin to improve skin gloss, replenish moisture and nutrients, instantly regain elasticity and tenderness, keep skin moist and soft, and prevent premature skin aging. The EGF component in it quickly repairs damaged skin, tightens pores, accelerates cell metabolism and shedding, and promotes skin regeneration.

At the same time, it has antioxidant effects, effectively avoiding spots and wrinkles caused by accelerated cell aging due to skin oxidation, and reducing skin cell damage and aging.

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