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Recognized globally as the most effective non-invasive method

✭Facial firming ✭Lifting ✭Anti-wrinkle treatment

Thermage®️FLX 🔥Limited time price $19/line🔥

Thermage®️FLX can target conditions caused by aging [1] wrinkles [2] sagging around the eyes [3] sagging, etc.

Certified by FDA and European and American CE, it is a treatment that effectively eliminates aging and achieves true anti-aging.


Thermage®FLX can penetrate deep into the dermis and selectively heat the subcutaneous tissue fiber intervals. The heat helps stimulate new collagen growth.

Enhance skin elasticity, reduce sagging, and improve skin smoothness and texture.

Thermage®️FLX exclusively uses the breakthrough AccuREP™️ technology to intelligently select radio frequency energy to make the skin tightening and lifting effect more obvious.


Thermage is more powerful than traditional HIFU. In addition to the lifting effect, it can also stimulate collagen proliferation and truly achieve anti-aging effects.


Thermage FLX is the most effective anti-aging method certified by more than 2.5 million people internationally. All FIDES Thermage treatments are performed by a professional medical team, minimizing the pain during the THERMAGE procedure, and the technique is safe and reliable💚

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