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Is PICO’s freckle removal system a one-time solution?

Many beauty clinics claim that their PICO technology can instantly and completely cure stubborn pigmentation problems 💡.

In reality, this is a sensational advertising tactic 🚫.

Our skin has its own repair cycle, and the melanin affected by the laser needs to be metabolized and expelled from the body, which usually takes several weeks ✨.

Also, 2️⃣ to 3️⃣ treatment sessions are typically required to achieve noticeable results.

FIDES uses officially certified original machines 🌟 to perform mixed treatments with picosecond and nanosecond lasers. The nanosecond laser breaks up stubborn pigments, followed by the picosecond laser shattering them into dust, which is then naturally eliminated through metabolism, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation and effectively solving the problem of pigmented spots, restoring fairness to the skin.

The picosecond-nanosecond mixed treatment has faster visible effects than the common picosecond spot removal treatments, but due to its higher operational complexity,

it must be performed by an experienced medical team to ensure the process is ✅ safe, ✅ professional, and ✅ reliable.

FIDES Picosecond-Nanosecond Mixed Spot Removal Treatment is now available at a promotional price of 🌟$680🌟 for an effective laser spot removal experience.

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